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Sell C-gold 10%

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Exchangesplus is recognised by Solid Trust Pay to handle your e-currency conversions. Ask us today how we can meet your needs.

Exchangesplus is an approved Exchanger for C-gold.

What do we do?

Our service gives you a quick, easy and most importantly, safe method to transfer your funds in or out of your accounts.

Why are we different?

Our focus is on service. We recognise that the purchasing and redemption of digital currencies can be fraught with peril. Our ‘Members Only’ secure web site is designed to be simple and easy to use. Create your account and give us a try. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Why use us?

We are as simple as:

Members benefit from competitive rates and can easily (after verification) send funds to us via domestic banking with our direct cash deposit facility. You can also send International bank wires to our multi-currency International bank. We offer a simple, fast & efficient service. No matter your location Exchanges Plus can provide the service to either fund your digital currency account - or sell your digital currency for your own local currency.